Real Life Stories

Author Pen Farthing  – ‘No Place Like Home: A New Beginning with the Dogs of Afghanistan’

No Place like Home is the true story of one man’s courage and persistence as he struggles to give his dogs at home, and those still in Afghanistan, the best possible chance. It will warm – and break – the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

Author Pen Farthing – ‘One dog at a time’ -Saving the Strays of Helmand

In a remote outpost of Nowzad, in Helmand Province, Pen Farthing and his troop of young Royal Marines survive frequent engagements with the Taliban and forge links with the local community. Pen’s tour of duty will change his life forever, but for entirely unexpected reasons …Appalled by the horrors of a local dog fight, he intervenes to free the victims. One of these dogs finds his way into the Marine compound – and into Pen’s heart

Author Pen Farthing – ‘Wylie’ The Dog that never gave up

wylie the dog that never gave up

The remarkable true story of Wylie, a dog who endured horrific cruelty in Afghanistan and survived against the odds to become top dog at the 2014 Scruffts ‘Family Crossbreed of the Year’ competition.

Wendy Holden – ‘Haatchi and Little B’


The moving and inspirational story of the friendship between one boy and his dog.

Author Janetta Harvey

Interview with Janetta Harvey

Saving Susie-Belle: rescued from the horrors of a puppy farm, one dog’s uplifting true story of hope, survival and love.

Author Clare Cogbill – ‘A Dog like Ralph’

meduim a dog like ralph

This is the humorous, sometimes sad, and eventually uplifting story of Ralph and the friends he has met along the way. He is a rescue dog with a difficult past who loves other dogs, is frightened of people and cars and mesmerized by cats and rabbits. It is partly told through his eyes and describes how what he has experienced before has affected how he interacts with those around him.

Wendy Holden – ‘Uggie The Artist: My Story’


The undisputed canine star of multiple-award-winning movie The Artist tells all. From his humble beginnings as a pound-bound hound, Uggie confesses to his youthful misdemeanours , before taking the reader on a page-turning journey through his career as a Jack Russell pin-up, star of numerous commercials, and bit-part player in several B-list movies.

Wendy Holden – ‘Mr Scraps’

mr scraps

Inspired by the true story of a dog named Rip who was the first search-and-rescue dog during the Second World War, Mr. Scraps is a heartwarming story of courage, love and devotion that will appeal to parents and children alike.

Tracey Ison  – ‘For The Love Of Hounds: A Story of Life, Love, Loss & Licks’


A Gentle stroll through the lives of four very individual and much loved hounds.

Author Fiona Ingram – ‘Champ: My Story of Survival’


One dog’s true story of survival, against terrible odds. The proceeds from the book and merchandise sales go towards Champ’s on-going rehabilitation

Author Chris Kent – ‘What a difference a dog makes- the tail of the k9 project’

Interview with Chris Kent


A story to warm the hearts of all dog lovers… This is the story of the K9 Project. The desire for connection is a fundamental human need, and for some the closest they come to feeling connected can start with a dog.

Author Sue Morgan – Dave D’s Diary -The Real Life Adventures of a Loveable Collie in the British Isles


Dave D’s story is one of overcoming fears, embracing opportunity and jumping at any chance to go on a new adventure.

Author – Catherine Pickles


The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface

Author Christina Potter – ‘Chester Gigolo Diary of a Dog Star’


Some dogs are born to be stars… Chester Gigolo is a Berger Picard who dreams of stardom. In this diary of his ambitious first year, this canine actor, ­athlete, and author recounts his exciting life in New York City

Author Kelly Preston – ‘Real Dogs Don’t Whisper’


Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don’t Whisper book is about second chances and miracles. Award winning, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper is more than a book about dogs – it’s a book about life.

Author Teresa J. Rhyne – ‘The Dogs Were Rescued (and so Was I )’


Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I) is the poignant yet hilarious exploration of how you move forward when you’ve done everything you can and it’s still not enough.