Haatchi and Little B

Author Wendy Holden

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On a bitterly cold night in January 2012, Haatchi the dog was hit over the head, and abandoned on a railway line to be hit by a train. The driver saw the adorable five-month old Anatolian Shepherd moments too late. Somehow, the terrified puppy survived the blood loss from his partially severed leg and tail and managed to crawl away to safety.

Fortunately, Haatchi was rescued, although vets couldn’t save his leg and tail. A Facebook appeal brought him to the attention of a couple of kind-hearted dog lovers, Colleen Drummond and Will Howkins, who are also the dad and stepmum of Owen (known to his family as Little B for ‘little buddy’). One look at Haatchi’s expressive face told them all they needed to know and the lucky dog moved into the Howkins’ family home just six weeks after almost being killed.

Owen, now aged eight, has a rare genetic disorder which causes his muscles to tense permanently. Largely confined to a wheelchair, he was withdrawn and anxious and found it difficult to make friends. But when Owen awoke the morning after Haatchi arrived he immediately fell in love with the severely disabled rescue animal who would, in turn, rescue him.

Wendy Holden (also known as Taylor Holden) is a novelist, non-fiction author, biographer, and ghostwriter, as well as a former journalist for the London Daily Telegraph. Since leaving newspapers in 1996, she has written more than thirty books, including numerous international bestsellers and the acclaimed novel The Sense of Paper, published by Random House, New York. A reporter for eighteen years, she covered news events at home and abroad, including the Gulf War, the Iran/Iraq War, conflicts in the Middle East, Communist Europe and Northern Ireland.

In 2012 she conceived and wrote the bestselling memoir of Uggie, the dog from the Oscar winning movie The Artist and so far in 2013 she has published an ebook for children and adults entitled Mr. Scraps about a dog in the London Blitz.

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Book reviews:

Beverley Cuddly –  Editor of Dogs Today Magazine -“This is a very special book, it will definitely be a best seller and if you don’t shed a tear or three get the optician to check if your tear ducts are working properly.
What an incredible uplifting story of triumph over adversity.
If it doesn’t get made into an Oscar winning film it will only be because it would be impossible to find actors to fill the lead roles.

Amazon 5 stars – ‘A must Buy Book’
There is only one Owen and one Haatchi in this world………….Thank you Wendy for writing such an amazing book. I literally couldn’t put it down it was such a good read.
I laughed and cried through it but a great story with a happy ending and so glad Owen and haatchi and Owen found each other x

Amazon 5 stars ‘Absolutely Beautiful’                                                                                        

I was completely taken with the bond between Haatchi & Owen. I couldn’t put the book down and finished it within 24 hours. If you are deciding whether to buy this book, BUY IT. You won’t be disappointed. I have had the privilege to meet Owen, Haatchi and their family, they are such a lovely family and are always working hard to raise money for various charities. Owen is a wonderful little man and their story should be read by everyone.

Watch Owen and Haatchi’s on BBC South Today