From Heaven to Hell

Author Beryl Brennan

Beryl BrennanAvailable to buy from this website

A Definitive Guide to the Galgo Espanol – Including history of the breed, diseases, Spanish and European animal protection laws, Spanish and International rescue associations.

Follow the story of a rescued galga and her puppies, what happens to her, where do her puppies go, what else happens at the shleter, what happens to other galgos?

A must read for everyone wanting to know about this breed.

Beryl Brennan Worked for BBC Manchester regional radio, then moved to Suffolk and worked in BBC local radio. Early retirement beckoned in 2002 and she  moved to a 15-hectare farm in Western France along with her husband, 2 horses, 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Her passion for greyhounds and galgos was born in Suffolk, UK, when in 1992 a stray greyhound turned up on Beryl’s  doorstep. She kept the grey hound and the dog became a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog and thoroughly enjoyed visiting old folks’ homes, especially when the birthday cakes came out!

Beryl organises letter-writing campaigns to the Spanish national and regional governments, the Spanish hunting federations and Members of the European Parliament.

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