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Nikki Attree will be publishing a book of dog cartoons in 2022, so watch this space…! Sniff out her website

‘SOMEBODY’S DOODLE’ has been chosen as one of the finalists in the 2020 Page Turner Awards 🙂The novel is a canine cozy mystery, co-written by Richard and Nikki Attree, with Nikki’s illustrations.

‘Nobody’s Poodle’ has made it into the Guardian Top 50 !
‘A light-hearted, whimsical, dog’s eye view of a popular Atlantic holiday island and its community, both homo sapiens and canine.’ link

‘Nobody’s Poodle’ is in the Top 50 Indie Authorland Self -published list

Gizmo the hero of ‘Nobody’s Poodle’ has been interviewed for ‘Celebrity Pat on the Back’ in ‘Dogs Today Magazine’


Mrs Katharine Kirby Amazon Top 100 Reviewer “….So who am I to carp about his frequent ruff language and liberal distribution of canine clichés? He swears harder than the old priest in Father Ted. This guy has been through the mire, he’s seen the underside of life……a quick, very funny and ultimately heart warming read. Greater than the sum of its parts”

Londondogforum – “By page six, I found myself laughing out loud, something I am not often prone to do, and I am delighted to say that my humour was tickled throughout the novel.”

Amazon Reviewer – Janet Anscombe – “It has all the elements of a good “tail”, well written, with humour, puns and wordplay, as well as setbacks, breath-holding drama, and the need for at least one full box of tissues!”