Somebody’s Doodle

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How could anybody steal a dog like Gizmo … ?

When petty criminals ‘Flash Harry’ Smith and Jack (‘The Lad’) Jones start nicking dogs, they soon realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew …

Their victim, Elizabeth Parker-Smyth, is a high-flying movie producer with a Grand Design of a house and a designer dog to match. Their hostages, Gizmo and Doodle, are the co-stars of her next film: ‘Nobody’s Poodle’. Their nemesis, Annie Capello, is a quirky, big-hearted pet detective, who tracks the dognappers through cyberspace and finds herself entangled in their shenanigans.

Then there are the two pairs of star-crossed lovers. One couple may be human and the other canine, but they share similar memories of a whirlwind romance: “We’ll always have Stoke Newington.”

SOMEBODY’S DOODLE is a fast-moving, heady mix of crime, humour, romance, and some wooftastic dogs. As it races towards the climax, the human protagonists search for truth and reconciliation and glimpse what we can all learn from Man’s Best Friend

from Gizmo TV on Vimeo.