One Dog at a Time

Author Pen Farthing

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In a remote outpost of Now Zad, in Helmand Province, Pen Farthing’s tour of duty will change his life forever, but for entirely unexpected reasons … Appalled by the horrors of a local dog fight, he intervenes to free the victims. One of these dogs finds his way into the Marine compound – and into Pen’s heart. Soon other strays are being drawn to the sanctuary provided by Pen’s makeshift pound, including one young mum who crawls under the compound fence carrying her newborn pups to safety. But as his time in Helmand draws to an end, Pen cannot leave the dogs of Now Zad to their own fates. He begins hatching plans to help them escape to a better life.
Pen Farthing Biography – After 20 odd years as a Royal Marine I never thought I would be semi abandoning my passion for climbing and kayaking and heading off in the direction of animal welfare. But a dog called Nowzad changed my view on life. He also sparked my desire to write. Now I spend my time managing as best I can the Nowzad Dogs charity, (Just Giving Charity of the Year 2013), enjoying the odd rock climb when it is not raining and walking my Afghan / Iraqi pack (Nowzad, Tali, Patchdog and Maxchat). Check out the www.nowzad website
Reviews…… Inspirational … his compassion and dedication are a fine example to us all” (Daily Mail) “An exciting, funny and moving book … Nowzad, AK, Jena, Tali and their pups could melt a stone’s heart” (Megan Rix Guardian) “An emotional rollercoaster that will keep you turning the pages and reaching for the Kleenex – don’t miss it -10/10” (Your Dog)