Worzel WooFace

Author – Catherine Pickles


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Worzel is an enormous Lurcher with ‘issues.’ When a disastrous turn of events means he has to be re-homed, his life changes dramatically. Now, as well as dealing with his own issues, he’s got to deal with a distinctly imperfect family. And cats. Shed loads of cats; some of whom aren’t that pleased to welcome him into their home …

Worzel Wooface is a Hounds First Sighthound Rescue dog. He likes walking, spending time with his family and chasing crows when given the opportunity. His current hobby is chewing wellies on unmade beds. He lives in Suffolk.

About Author – Catherine Pickles is a full-time family carer, writer and blogger. Her blog about Worzel reached the final of the UK Blog Awards in 2015.
She likes sailing, walking, gardening and amateur dramatics. She likes doing most of these things with Worzel (apart from gardening but she doesn’t have much choice about it and the amateur dramatics which he would hate). She lives in Suffolk with her husband, 2 nearly grown up children and 5 cats.

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