Patch Goes To Hong Kong

Author Anjalique Gupta


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Patch, the playful Jack Russell terrier wears a shiny, golden key around his neck. Last time, the key had unlocked an adventure to London but this time the key takes Patch all the way to Hong Kong! Are you ready to join Patch on this exciting adventure in Hong Kong?

About the Author – Anjalique G is a debut children’s book author. For many years, she worked in the Hospitality industry where she mastered the importance of two words – ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ but, she gave up the glitz and glamour of hotels to take further her writing career.

It all started with the successful launch of her online magazine wherein she interviewed and featured celebrities and well established personalities from the Indian television and film industry. Each and every feature in Anjalique’s magazine received tremendous appreciation from her readers and the industry.

This encouraged her to start writing ‘Patch Goes to London’, a story that she has carried in her heart for many many years. Patch the Jack Russell Terrier, was born in the UK and since then he has lived in London, Dubai and India…with Anjalique. So there you have it. She has a Jack Russell Terrier called Patch, he has a passport, he has travelled and he loves adventure! We joke about it – a little Jack Russell Terrier flying off to different countries but the fact remains that Patch’s adventures emerge from this true story.