‘Wylie’ The Dog that never gave up

Author Pen Farthing

wylie the dog that never gave up

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 The remarkable true story of Wylie, a dog who endured horrific cruelty in Afghanistan and survived against the odds to become top dog at the 2014 Scruffts ‘Family Crossbreed of the Year’ competition.

When people gave up on Wylie, Wylie refused to give up on people.

For a street dog born in the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan, to be crowned top dog at Scruffts, a competition for crossbreeds held during Crufts, the largest dog show on earth, is nothing short of a miracle. But for Wylie, the gentle, cropped eared ball of fur, miracles seemed to happen quite regularly.

Beaten and abused at the hands of uncaring humans, Wylie suffered terrible injuries that needed urgent treatment. Rescued close to death, with hacked off ears and a severed tail, he was attended to by soldiers who feared he would not last the night. Astonishingly he did, only to return days later with new injuries.

However a lifeline came when he was handed over to animal welfare Charity Nowzad and flown to Britain in the hope of finding a new life. But would anyone take a chance on a seemingly undomesticated stray? Luckily for Wylie his biggest adventure yet was about to begin…

This is the incredible and heart-warming story, full of tragedy and triumph, of a dog who never gave up hope.


Pen Farthing         –     After 20 odd years as a Royal Marine I never thought I would be semi abandoning my passion for climbing and kayaking and heading off in the direction of animal welfare.

But a dog called Nowzad changed my view on life. He also sparked my desire to write. Now I spend my time managing as best I can the Nowzad Dogs charity, (Just Giving Charity of the Year 2013), enjoying the odd rock climb when it is not raining and walking my Afghan / Iraqi pack (Nowzad, Tali, Patchdog and Maxchat).


Pen has also  written two other books ‘One Dog at a Time and ‘No Place like Home’.

Check out the www.nowzad website