Paw Prints in Oman

Author Charlotte Smith

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When Charlotte’s husband is offered a job in Oman, he persuades her to leave comfortable, rural England and join him. But playing tennis, avoiding coffee mornings and being a perfect wife and mother in the Middle East is not enough.
Charlotte convinces a local veterinary clinic to employ her and throws herself into assisting the vets, overcoming her fear of birds and rehoming hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Cyclones, earthquakes, transvestites, unwanted paramours, cultural differences, tears and laughter follow as seven years flash by.
Will Charlotte stay, or gather up the motley crew of pets she has collected and head for home?


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon – by Jennifer Weathers

I thoroughly recommend this book to any and all of you animal lovers out there. I bought it just before I tragically lost my dog and so I was reluctant to read it at first. I am so glad I did because I gained so much from doing so. This is not a mawkish unrealistic book like so many that detail the lives of animals but rather this author relates her experiences with humour and understanding. The memoir covers a period of the author’s life when she was involved in a Veterinary Practice in Oman and is full of kind hearted wacky larger than life characters. Good writing brought them alive!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon – by Penny Lover

Sometimes you come across a book that just makes you take pause and think, “Could I have done this?” “Paw Prints in Oman: Dogs, Mogs and Me” is a book that did that for me. Like Charlotte, I am a huge animal lover… only I can’t personally handle when they are hurt or dying. It just rips my guts to shreds. This is why I have so much respect for those able to pull up everything inside of them and help. Brought both smiles and tears to me, but I enjoyed it from start to finish. Charlotte you truly inspire me. Great book.


Charlotte was born, raised and lived in West Sussex, UK, with her children, animals, Aga and husband until 2006. She dreamed of spending time with Colin Firth, or Gordon Ramsey, and couldn’t wait for Christmas to come around for Love Actually to be on the TV. But then she was dragged off to live in Oman, in the heart of the Middle East, where coffee mornings and sets of tennis soon gave way to a life of animal rescue and re-homing. Her first book, Paw Prints in Oman, is full of wonderful stories and unique insights into her life in this mystical land.
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