Marc Bekoff – The Emotional Lives of Animals

marc beroff

A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy and Why They Matter.

Dr Christopher Blazina – When Man Meets Dog

when man meets dog

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered, ‘man’s best friend?’ In this book

Susannah Charleston – ‘The Possibility Dogs’

susannah charelston possibility dogs

An Inspiring story that shows how dogs can be rescued, and can rescue in return.

Fiona Dewar and Lorraine Green –The Essential Doggy guide – For all dogs traveling Tasmania’s Heritage Highway Region with their humans


Cassie and Bella have penned (more accurately – pawed) an essential guide for all dogs traveling around the historic heart of Tasmania with their humans.

Christina Potter – Insider Training: Chester Gigolo’s Dog Training Secrets Revealed


If you want a better life for you and your dog, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. You can successfully train your dog!

Liza Tenzin – Dolma – ‘The Heartbeat at your Feet’ and Dog Training The Essential Guide

heartbeat at your feet meduim

The Heartbeat at Your Feet is the first book to reveal how you can fully understand and communicate with dogs, and how you can easily eliminate any behavior problems, based on new information about animal behavior.

Liza Tenzin – Dolma – ‘Dog Training The Essential Guide’

lisa tenzin dog training

This easy to follow guidebook explains how you can train your dog using kind, reward-based methods that help you to create mutually strong, enduring bonds of trust and affection.

 Toni Shelbourne – The Truth about Wolves and Dogs

the truth about wolves

This book is a critique of traditional dog training and all the myths surrounding it, prompting the reader to look again at why we do certain things with our dogs.

Toni Shelbourne – Among the Wolves

stacks_image_50203The fascinating story of Toni’s life with eleven charismatic wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Berkshire, England

Peggy Tibbets – Crazy Bitch: Living with Canine Compulsive Disorder


Living with Canine compulsive Disorder . Crazy Bitch is a complex love story between two big dogs. Venus and Zeus will make you laugh while they break your heart.

Karen Wild – What Your Dog Wants

what your dog wants

Unlike other dog-care books, What Your Dog Wants focuses on you, the owner, rather than the dog, and encourages you to develop the seven key skills that will respond to your dog’s needs.

Karen Wild – 21 Days To The Perfect Dog

21 days

This 21-day course will prevent problem behaviour and, over subsequent days, encourage positive interaction, so that your dog continues to behave well.

Karen Wild – Being a Dog


This book includes the latest scientific research accompanied by enlightening illustrations that give a unique insight into what it’s like being a dog from the dog’s perspective.