Dog Training: The Essential Guide

Author Lisa- Tenzin- Dolma

lisa tenzin dog training  Available from Amazon

This easy to follow guidebook explains how you can train your dog using kind, reward-based methods that help you to create mutually strong, enduring bonds of trust and affection. Dog Training: The Essential Guide explains why positive reinforcement works much better than the outdated, scientifically disproved harsh methods and takes you step by step through the important elements of training that ensure your dog will be a pleasure to live with. The chapters take you through how to make training sessions fun and interesting for you and your dog. You will discover how to help your dog to develop social skills and good manners, to greet people and other dogs politely and to learn instant recall. You will find out how to interpret your dogs complex system of body language, and learn how you can use your body language to communicate effectively with your dog. The book also explores the special talents of various dog breeds and gives information about how you can devise games that will keep your dog happy and mentally alert.

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is the founder of the Dog Welfare Alliance, and the founder and principal of The International School of Canine Practitioners. She is considered to be an authority on canine behaviour and psychology. Some of the subjects she has written about, and taught, are natural history, astrology, tarot, dream analysis and psychology. Lisa is a published artist and recorded musician. Her education, skills and expertise encompass a wide scope of subjects.


I recently adopted a rescue dog. Although she was adorable, she needed training. I am so grateful for this book. The instructions were clear, the ideas well-expressed and the confidence this book gave me as a new dog owner, priceless. I felt “well-trained” myself by the author in a most positive way and the insights and explanations she gives as to how a dog views the world were enlightening. The book is filled with chapters of insightful and practical information and leads to happy pets and confident owners. If you have, or want, a dog do yourself a big favor and order this book. You’ll have years of pleasure and peace of mind once you know the secrets to training your new best friend. (Kac Young, author, television director and producer and Doctor of Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy)

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