The Essential Doggy guide – For all dogs traveling Tasmania’s Heritage Highway Region with their humans

Authors Fiona Dewar and Lorraine Green


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Canine Pawthors Cassie and Bella, and their humans Lorraine Green and Fiona Dewar, set out to write a guide for dog-friendly travel in the Tasmanian midlands, known as the Heritage Highway Tourism Region.

Their book, The Essential Doggy Guide…For all dogs travelling Tasmania’s Heritage Highway Region with their humans, provides first-paw advice on where to eat, sleep, play, pawty and pick up p-mails throughout the villages and towns in the region.

The Essential Doggy Guide is written from the perspective of Cassie and Bella, and their personalities shine through in this fun book that includes gorgeous photos, the story of both Pawthors, and travel tips as well as a town by town guide.

Fiona met Bella the day she was born on a neighbouring farm in 2001. As a Border Collie/Kelpie cross, she was a very active girl. Over the next 14 years the two best mates had many adventures together.

Cassie had a rocky start, being dumped with her sisters in a cardboard box in 2000. The Kelpie-cross pups were rescued and taken to the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania in Hobart, where Lorraine met her two weeks later.  They were instantly drawn to each other, and the two best friends have worked and travelled together ever since.


Congratulations on the book, it brilliantly advocates for travelling within Tassie and better still, travelling with one’s beloved dogs!
Lots of terrific dog ownership messages too and the humourous ‘canine’ quips had me laughing out loud.
Anne Boxhall. (Writer for Sunday Tas pet column)

The book looks wonderful and makes a fantastic read as well as being informative.
I love the photos and the lay-out. Well done  and congratulations to both of you.
I wish you both great success with it, may it become a Bestseller.
Vera Rayson. (Author ‘Dog Talk! I’m Tiny and I’m more like a human with fur and four legs’)

Sniff out Cassie and Bella’s Pawsite