The Bay Tree Project – The Dogs Edition

Stuart Holroyd

baytree book cover

Available to purchase from Skycat publication and Amazon from May 6th

Photographer Stuart Holroyd has created some beautiful images to help raise awareness of the stray-dog problem in Cyprus. Each photo has a life story written by Kayte Wilson-Smith, the owner of Bay Tree Rescue. All profits will go to the rescue centre so Kayte and the crew can keep on doing what they do best…find forever homes. This book represents not only Bay Tree’s rescues; it represents every stray soul that has ever been mistreated. It is dedicated to them.


Stuart Holroyd is a Conceptual and Commercial Photographer. With his work being published in 30 different countries and in over 20 different languages. From The Huffington Post to the Daily Mail, from BuzzFeed to ABC News. Stuart’s work is known the world over for being unique and bespoke. Over 3 years ago, with quite a troubled background, he decided to make a life choice to make up for his past by helping others. This led down a little dust track in Cyprus to a chance encounter with a rescue centre in dire need of a some fresh fundraising ideas. The Bay Tree Project was born and even though the next 2 projects may be based on different subjects he was kindly given permission to use The Bay Tree name in return to keep sending help to Bay Tree Rescue. So with an idea, his photography and a fantastic project name, he continues to further seek the next project while still being able to help the ones before. Check out this talented photographer’s website and Bay Tree Project on Facebook