Reggie & Me

Author Marie Yates

reggie and me marie yates

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Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. Dani’s story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. Having moved with her mum, Dani starts year eleven at a new school, facing various challenges that bring a renewed energy to face whatever is thrown at her and carry on regardless. She realises that ‘normality’ is something that she can define herself, with the help of her dog Reggie and the people around her. Reggie and Me is more than a story of survival, as the reader is taken on an inspiring journey of personal development, interweaved with tools that girls and young women can use to create the positive future they deserve.


Amazon 5 stars….”This book is a fantastic and brilliant read from cover to cover and will appeal to both teenagers and adults who have been through a traumatic experience in their life time but found that what did not kill them infact made them stronger.”

Amazon 5 stars….”I thoroughly enjoyed this book finding it both moving and inspiring. Great narrative and beautifully rounded and sympathetic characters. Bring on the next installment!”

Amazon 5 stars…..”Loved this book. It is such an inspiring story with brilliant characters who you can really relate to. I also loved Dani’s relationship with Reggie which is particularly special and moving. Couldn’t put this down…a great read. Highly recommend it and can’t wait for the next two books.”


Marie Yates is the author of Reggie and Me. She is known as The Survivor’s Coach and works predominantly with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, taking clients through a journey of self-discovery towards a positive future. Marie also takes her survivor’s message into 3rd Sector, Youth, Educational and Corporate organisations to enhance skills of resilience and personal development. As a motivational speaker and regular guest on radio, she emphatically shares the message of surviving with purpose. Marie has written for numerous magazines, regularly blogs on the subject and is currently writing the second and third books in the Dani Moore Trilogy.

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