Midnight At The Shelter Of Hope

Author – Teresa Campbell

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Marlowe, the Red Pit Bull Pup believes that he is a coward. He also believes that is why he will never find his Forever Home. But when a mysterious old woman suddenly appears at Hope Animal Shelter and magically transports him to the Great Forest, Marlowe must find the courage to confront his darkest fear. He is sent on a quest to rescue a Human Cub held captive in a fortress deep in the Forbidden Land. Together with his friends, Samson, the Golden Bear and Vulpé, the Kit Fox, they must stand against evil and bring the Cub safely home.


“What a wonderful book—-for children AND adults!! And from a first time author at that! The animals come alive through Teresa Campbell’s words. And I especially like that the main character and hero, Marlowe, is a red Pit Bull. Here’s hoping this tale sheds even more good light upon the much maligned breed. A must read for all dog lovers!! Looking forward to many more books from this promising author!!”

“A new author clearly off to a great start with Midnight at the Shelter of Hope. A wonderful fast-paced story line which keeps the reader captivated from page 1. I especially loved Prince Homer and Samson. The characters and plot are very original; you will be entertained, you will be anxious, and yes, you will cry so have plenty of tissues on hand. Good for both young adults and adults with young hearts! A Big High Five (or High Paw) to Marlowe and Friends! PS – the illustrations are marvelous”


Teresa Campbell is an author of novels about our best friends in life, dogs.  Her first book, Midnight at the Shelter of Hope, was written after she volunteered at Hope Animal Shelter in Tucson, Arizona.  The crazy antics of the cats and dogs…and the occasional ferret of the Shelter inspired a heart-warming tale of friendship, devotion and courage.  It also led Ms. Campbell to embrace one of life’s simple truths…”There is no greater love than the love of a dog.”