Our Books

Nikki and Richard Attree –‘Nobody’s Poodle’

Illustrated by Annie Chapman


Nobody’s Poodle is a wooftastic ‘tail’ about a loveable ex-pat pooch uprooted from his home in cold, damp, muddy old England to start a new life in Tenerife. Beautifully illustrated, this is a book for dog lovers of all ages.



Susannah Charleston – Scent of the Missing’

Susannah Charleson scent of missing

Susannah Charleston shares the adventures with her search-and-rescue dog, a Golden Retriever named Puzzle, and chronicles the close relationship they forge as they search for the lost.


Susannah Charleston – ‘The Possibility Dogs’

possibilty dogs Sussannah Charleston d-cover

An Inspiring story that shows how dogs can be rescued, and can rescue in return.


Clare Cogbill – ‘A Dog like Ralph’

a dog like ralph

This is the humorous, sometimes sad, and eventually uplifting story of Ralph and the friends he has met along the way. He is a rescue dog with a difficult past who loves other dogs, is frightened of people and cars and mesmerized by cats and rabbits. It is partly told through his eyes and describes how what he has experienced before has affected how he interacts with those around him.


Lisa Tenzin – Dolma – The Heartbeat at your Feet’

heartbeat at your feet

The Heartbeat at Your Feet is the first book to reveal how you can fully understand and communicate with dogs, and how you can easily eliminate any behavior problems, based on new information about animal behavior.


Pen Farthing – ‘One dog at a time’ -Saving the Strays of Helmand

one dog at a time pen farthing

In a remote outpost of Now Zad, in Helmand Province, Pen Farthing and his troup of young Royal Marines survive frequent engagements with the Taliban and forge links with the local community. Pen’s tour of duty will change his life forever, but for entirely unexpected reasons …Appalled by the horrors of a local dog fight, he intervenes to free the victims. One of these dogs finds his way into the Marine compound – and into Pen’s heart


Pen Farthing  – ‘No Place Like Home: A New Beginning with the Dogs of Afghanistan’

no place like homesmall

No Place like Home is the true story of one man’s courage and persistence as he struggles to give his dogs at home, and those still in Afghanistan, the best possible chance. It will warm – and break – the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.


Wendy HoldenUggie The Artist: My Story


The undisputed canine star of multiple-award-winning movie The Artist tells all. Fromhis humble beginnings as a pound-bound hound, Uggie confesses to his youthful misdemeanours , before taking the reader on a page-turning journey through his career as a Jack Russell pin-up, star of numerous commercials, and bit-part player in several B-list movies.


Wendy Holden – ‘Mr Scraps’

mr scraps small wendy holden

INSPIRED by the true story of a dog named Rip who was the first search-and-rescue dog during the Second World War, Mr. Scraps is a heartwarming story of courage, love and devotion that will appeal to parents and children alike.


Wendy Holden – ‘Haatchi and Little B’

haatchi and owen small

The moving and inspirational story of the friendship between one boy and his dog – Available to buy from February 13, 2014.


Emma Knight – The Journal of Ted Terrier

Illustrations by Sue Mynall


The Journal of Ted Terrier is a sensitive, poignant, witty exploration into the lives of the human, canine and feline inhabitants of a detached suburban house in England, from the point of view of the family dog, writing about his experiences, life and passions as installments in a journal.


Emma Knight – The Colour Journal of Ted Terrier: 2 (The Journal of Ted Terrier)

Illustrations by Sue Mynall


Journal of Ted Terrier is a sensitive, poignant, witty exploration into the lives of the human, canine and feline inhabitants of a detached suburban house in England, from the point of view of the family dog, writing about his experiences, life and passions as installments in a journal.


Matt Deighton and Jason Norcea  – ‘Molly and the Tornado’

molly and

Molly and the Tornado tells about the Greensburg twister from the perspective of Matt’s dog, Molly. It is a children’s book with high-quality illustrations.


Author Ed Payne  – The Daily Rounds of a Hound

illustrated by Britt Sekulic


The Daily Rounds of a Hound by Ed Payne and illustrated by Britt Sekulic is the tale of Molly Malone – an adorable mutt adopted from an animal shelter by a new family. Once home, the family learns that Molly is carrying stowaways – a litter of nine pups.


Author Christina Potter – Chester Gigolo Diary of a Dog Star


Some dogs are born to be stars… Chester Gigolo is a Berger Picard who dreams of stardom. In this diary of his ambitious first year, this canine actor, ­athlete, and author recounts his exciting life in New York City


Author Kelly Preston – Real Dogs Don’t Whisper


Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don’t Whisper book is about second chances and miracles. Award winning, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper is more than a book about dogs – it’s a book about life.


Author Karen J. Roberts – The Little Blue Dogma


The Little Blue Dogma: Louie’s Dog Handbook for Humans promotes humane choices when it comes to our family pets, and the dog’s perspective on adoption, rescue, training and other canine related topics.


Author Karen J. Roberts – The Little Blue Dog


Based on the real life story of Karen’s adopted dog Louie, The Little Blue Dog is the first book in the series. Fall in love with Louie as he shows courage and hope for a second chance as a shelter dog.


Author Karen J. Roberts – Too Many Dogs

Too many dogs karen j Roberts

Using fun rhyming words and whimsical illustrations, Too Many Dogs tells the tale of an overabundance of dogs struggling to live peacefully in a small house.


Toni Shelbourne – The Truth about Wolves and Dogs,

the truth about wolves

This book is a critique of traditional dog training and all the myths surrounding it, prompting the reader to look again at why we do certain things with our dogs.