Interview with the author of the Barney Series

Today WooftasticBooks welcomes Samantha Thorne, author of the Barney Series.

What inspired you to write the Barney Series?

My little bulldog barney is so naughty and cheeky. Every day he get himself in pickles. His real life adventures made me want to make it into a book. This inspired my first book Barney Rubble always in trouble. Since then I have created 3 more books, Barney in lockdown, barney and nalas winter adventure and soon to be released Barneys London adventure.

Give us a  brief description of your book.

The first book sees Barney run away to find trouble. He goes to the beach, accidentally tramples on sandcastles, he goes through forests chasing squirrels. The next book barney and nalas winter adventure sees him run away to Iceland with Nala. The go ice skating, meet a bear and see the northern lights. The next book sees barney in lockdown. He misses his friends, he want to go to the park but must stay home. Eventually when life gets better, he gives everyone extra dribbly kisses. 
And in the most recent book barney visits London. He sees all the famous landmarks and visits the queen and her corgis. 

What was the biggest challenge you had writing your book? 

The first book, I didn’t know what I was doing with regards to publishing. It was all a little overwhelming. Now I understand the process it’s so easy!

What’s next for you, writing-wise?

More and more barney books inspired by his everyday life!

Where can readers go to find out more information about you and your books?

All the books are on amazon and other major retailers.

Tell us something unique or amusing about your dog Barney.

We say he’s a mixed up bulldog lol. 


The Barney series is available to purchase from AMAZON

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