Interview with Dora – Canine Smellnet Celebrity

Dora, I know you have a busy schedule: sniffing-on to Smellnet at the nearest lamp post, sending SmellMails, woofing with your pals on Twitter etc…

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to sit in the garden and watch the birds, and when muvvers not about chasing them. *wispas* I catch them sometimes. Although my dad was a ratter and mum was a sniffer, I does love the excitement of the chase. I have a particular liking for chasing and barking at planes overhead, but I get shouted at for doing that and told I need to get a long ladder if I want to catch them pffft…

How have you and your mum been coping during lockdown?

We’ve been coping pretty well. Muvvers been busy making face masks and selling them to raise money for charity, so it’s given me and my cat fur brother, Gizmo, plenty of time to catch up on sleep. I’ve been her official taster for the baking she’s been doing, sometimes not worth the effort of begging eyes and drooling lips and offering my advice on new recipes to try

I noticed you’ve been writing poetry. Would you like to share any with us?

Well it’s me Angel sis Bonnie who’s the poet really. She’s got the nack wif words. I have thrown the odd poem together occasionally. Here’s a quick little ditty I’ve just written…

I love the beach in winter, running on wet sand
I take me muvver with me, a poo bag in her hand
Sometimes I find a crab, laying lifeless in a heap
but every time I pick one up muvver shouts out ‘LEAVE’

Most of the time I’m in the garden laying on the grass
just sat there gazing up and watching the clouds go past
sometimes I chase a bird, a leaf and sometimes even planes
I love to chase anything, muvver says I am insane!

Do you have any tips for getting your own way with your human?

*scratches head with claw* hmmm…. Well she’s a sucker for worrying if I’m alright, so if I want extra belly rubs or cuddles I look at her through half closed lids and sigh a lot, and if that fails, sigh louder and get restless.

How would you describe your personality?

Totally Barking! Mischevious. Loving. And a bit norty!

What are your favourite charities?

Oooh thats a hard one cos so many good ones, rescue charities that physically rescue pets, rescues that take in unwanted or stray pets, cruelty prevention charities. But I fink me overall favwit charity is The Cinnamon Trust, cos they take care of pets for people who are unable to look after them themselves, taking pets for walks, feeding times, or fostering if their owner is ill in hospital or a care home. They’re a fantastic charity!

Favourite dog books?

Well I loved Nobody’s Poodle, Lucca The War Dog by Maria Goodavage, Molly the Dog Detective by Colin Butcher, Fabulous Finn, Sherlock: The Fire Brigade Dog by Paul Osborne. There’s loads more I love.

Anything that makes you barking mad?

There’s lots pal. Where do me start? I hate humans that are cruel to any living creature with vengeance! If I could I’d savage them to shreds I would.

Another thing that makes me mad happens in the summer when people go out for the day in their car and then shut their dog in the car, but leave the windows open about an inch or two and think that’s ok. They don’t realise we can cook in cars and I’m not talking BBQ’s.

And another thing, I’m on a roll here lol, is people on social media that either don’t read what you’ve posted or are just plain nasty and enjoy upsetting people, by replying to you in a proper nasty spiteful way. Jump down your throat and insult you. Why do humans do that? I wish they were more dog and just bare their teeth and walk away. People just need to be kinder and realise that others may be struggling with life, especially in these covid times, and are probably more sensitive than normal because of the extra stress. But sadly some humans seem to be getting kind blind.

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