Wooftasticbooks interviews Betsy

Wooftasticbooks are pleased to present an interview with Betsy, an ex-puppy farm and refuge dog.

Which refuge were you adopted from? 

I was rescued from The Diana Brimblecombe animal rescue centre which is based in Hurst, Berkshire, UK. The refuge were pretty sure I came from a puppy farm as I showed signs of physical and psychological problems.

How long were you living in the refuge?

I had been at the rescue centre for approx 4 months and had undergone various medical procedures. I had cataract surgery, and was diagnosed with level 3 heart murmur, and had multiple teeth extractions.  

Tell me about the day Julia adopted you.

I was adopted on 12/22. I met Julia (my Mum) several times before, as she is a supporter of the Diana Brimblecombe animal rescue centre and used to visit with her previous rescue schnauzer called Nellie the Noodle.

How long did it take you too fully settle in?

It took about 3 months for me to work out how to go up and down the stairs. I walk well on a lead now, but I’m still learning about being off the lead.

Anything that makes you barking mad?

There is nothing that makes me cross. I love all other animals I meet. I’m a little shy of humans but I´m so much better than when I first arrived at my new home.

Do you have any favourite dog books?

Saving Susie-Belle: Rescued From the Horrors of a Puppy Farm, One Dog’s Uplifting True Story (founder of Schnauzerfest charity). The book is how my Mum found out about puppy farming.

Anything else you would like to tell me Betsy?

My Mum, Julia has a Facebook page ´In the Name of the Noodle` it documented the story of Nellie who died in 05/21 and now this page documents my life.

Nellie was about 7-8 when she was adopted by Julia, and was about 14-15 when she died. I was about 6 1/2, though it is hard to age a dog when they are from puppy farms.