Wooftasticbooks Interviews Tess Eagle Swan

WooftasticBooks are pleased to present an interview with Tess Eagle Swan author of ‘Incredible Kratu’

What inspired you to write “Incredible Kratu?”

I believed that Kratu's story needed to be shared, but this is not your typical rescue dog story and I am not your typical rescue dog adopter. 

I am neurodiverse and Kratu is from Transylvania, not your easiest or most biddable breed cross to train. They are not known for anything other than flock guarding.  My journey with Kratu was unexpected, how much we would develop a very deep bond, how much my life would change, how his personality and character would develop and especially how many hearts worldwide he would touch.

I do hope that our story encourages others to rescue, learn about their dogs, and by doing that, themselves too. That people can live happily with their dogs, understanding each other and with the best communication. Keeping dogs in homes for life means a lot to me. That is my wish, that we all get on and help each other. 

courtesy of Little Pip Photography

Give us a brief description of your book.

“From a camp in Romania, to the show ring at Crufts, Incredible Kratu is the moving story of a lovable rescue dog who healed a broken, autistic woman, and how, together, they continue to bring joy to everyone they meet.”

Peoples Pet Awards courtesy of Little pip photography. 

What was the biggest challenge you had writing your book? 

I had damp and mould in my bedrooms for 6 years. My kitchen had a leak and the cupboards were falling apart as a result. I had a battle with my landlord about getting the work done which went on for a year. It was very traumatizing to fight them. With 5 dogs that do not get put in kennels, it was hard to stand up for myself and get a suitable decent place whilst the work was being done. I stuck to my guns and despite nearly falling apart several times, the book got written. I would get up ridiculously early in order to write before housing battles started. 

Where can readers go to find out more information about you and your book?

My website www.incrediblekratu.com

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Tell us about your dog/s and something unique or amusing about them.

I live with 5 dogs. 4 Romanian shepherd crosses that are  bred to guard, and often against wolves and bears in the more remote and rural areas. 

They live with a wolfdog ( saarloos ) that always amuses me. They are very respectful to her indeed. We live in harmony. They have wonderful manners and behaviour at home. The hard work training, behavioural work and learning about their emotions and needs make it a happy home and one that is full of love. Lots of laughter as they are all big characters and two are notorious thieves. The rule is if you are clever enough to find it, and I am silly enough not to have put it away well enough. Then it is yours. 

What organisations/charities are you involved with?

I am autistic. PTSD, ADHD and OCD. Kratu and I are advocates for mental health, autism, kindness, animal welfare, dog behaviour and understanding/developing the animal-human bond.   

We are also both ambassadors for Anna Kennedy Online, and support Power of One rescue charity and Wetnose Animal Aid. 

Kratu is the first AmabassaDog for APDAWG.