Wooftasticbooks interviews Shaggy (aka ‘The Shagster’)

Wooftasticbooks interviews Shaggy (aka ‘The Shagster’)—the Rock-and-Roll Terrier from Texas, who appears in Chapter 10 of  ‘SOMEBODY’S DOODLE.’

Mr Shaggy, now that the audiobook of ‘Somebody’s Doodle’ has been released, what are your plans for the future?

Well, first of all, what’s with this Mister Shaggy thing? Mah fans call me ‘The Shagster’, but you can jus call me ‘Shags’, OK?.

So, anyways, yeah, I’m pleased the book’s doin’ well an’ all. Ah mean, once the audiobook is discovered by a big time Hollywood producer, little-ol-me can star in the movie and be surrounded by lots of hot poodles hangin’ on to mah every woof.

Meanwhile, while you wait to be a canine movie star, what will you be working on?

Well, ahm so glad you asked me that … Nikki Attree, one of the co-authors of Somebody’s Doodle, is producing a cartoon book, and ah jus know I’ll be in it. A dog like me—with so much talent, and star potential, is never out of work for long.

You have a reputation of being a very confident, and dare I say it, audacious dog, Mr Shag—um, sorry, Shags. I suppose you need to be—in the dog eat dog world of publishing?

Well, yes, that’s true. I just can’t help mahself. I git so excited by mah talent. And yes it is a tough business, but ahm jus so doggone dogged. By the way, I have to say—just in case you’re tempted to ask me about so-called ‘Jacuzzi Gate’ … the bad ol’ days are behind me—mostly anyways. I did mah time in therapy an all.

Glad to hear that, Shags. So, moving on … Somebody’s Doodle was shortlisted for last year’s Page Turner awards. That must have been exciting for you?

Yeah man, that was doggone cool—but not a surprise really.

I know it’s a very entertaining novel, with a moral message, and it certainly deserved to be shortlisted, but why were you so confident it would be a finalist?

Ha! Really? It’s obvious … Little-ol-me starred in it, so say no more.

Of course. How could we possibly think otherwise? So, moving on, again… Do you hang out with Gizmo and Doodle these days.

Yeah, ah do Zoom with Doodle sometimes, but she’s usually too busy to meet me up close and personal. I think she still hasn’t forgiven me for the jacuzzi incident. But hey, me and Gizmo often sniff together in the park an all.

Well, many thanks, Mr Shaggy, Shags. It was a real honour to interview you.

OkeeDokee, no sweat. I like to keep my mah fans happy. Ah lurves y’all. Fur-ever 

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