Blue Genes

Author – L.G Lacey


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This is a biography of a very special dog. It was written just as Marley and Me was published which served to encourage the author to complete the very painful story of the life and death of a much loved pet. But as he did so a number of spooky coincidences became evident. The dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, amongst the breeds that many consider aggressive and dangerous. This dog showed none of those traits. He was genuine, reliable and totally loyal. But he did have one characteristic which made him stand out from the rest. His coat colour was blue. Within the breed, this pigment is, (or was) very much despised because it was thought to create poor looking specimens. That was until Josh appeared who stole the hearts of thousands around the world.

Blue Genes charts the life story of a dog who became part of a family living in the industrial West Midlands, including his show career, the illness which proved difficult to diagnose and the almost star treatment he received wherever he went.

He appeared on a calendar, in a video, in a book and then as a model for a porcelain figure. Blue Genes is a story of pride and passion, of envy and prejudice. But it is a love story that demonstrates just how inspirational animals can be and is suitable for those who own pets or not and may help to correct the irresponsible and false views expressed in the media which so maligns the breed. And it is all true.

About the author

L.G. Lacey began writing late in life. After the family pet dog died he started to compose a few words as a tribute and found it turned into a 100000 word book. He managed to find a publisher and ‘Blue Genes’ was born. This inspired him to continue writing for his own personal pleasure, and he produced a number of short stories and poems. One event he longed to tell was the story of Christmas and two years after ‘Blue Genes’ he began the tale but in unorthodox style by completing it in verse. Originally intended to be amusing or light hearted, he managed to include much drama, pathos and adventure into the event which we all know so well – or do we? Out of this came ‘Beyond Imagination’. When invited to give a talk to a local group on amusing verse, he found he had insufficient poems to suffice, so started to compose hundreds of ‘clerihews’, four line verses with a hint of sillyness, and then published that as ‘Please Remain Seated’. More writing is in the pipeline.