Saving One More

Author Janetta Harvey


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This is Janetta’s second book. ‘Saving One More’ explores the dark, dirty world of commercial dog breeding. It is an industry that is based on greed and cruelty. It is also the moving story of how two dogs survived human wickedness and learnt how to become normal dogs, helped by their canine sister, Renae and now enjoy lives rich in love, kindness and good experiences.

About the Author

Janetta Harvey lives with her husband, Michel, and their three dogs. They divide their time between England and south-west France. Janetta is an active, international campaigner against puppy farming and high volume, commercially-driven puppy breeding. She is author of ‘Saving Susie-Belle’.


‘Janetta has seen the potential impact our documentary will have globally. We thank Janetta for her passion that matches our very own’ — Karen Doonan, co-producer of the film, ‘Dog By Dog’