Liebling – An adventurous life

Author Jenny Mansell-Black


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Liebling An adventurous life – traces the true, heartwarming, Australian life story of Liebling, a German Shorthaired Pointer, as seen through her eyes. Liebling was an extraordinary dog with genuine human qualities and attitude. She made her way into everyone’s heart. Her story of adventure through the 1980s with photos and sketches will also make its way into your heart. The Liebling story is suitable for all ages from 8 to 80 and will appeal especially to those who love dogs and animals.

Jenny: Mansell-Black is a Fundraising Consultant in Brisbane, Australia. She has been published twice in Australian newspapers for her stories on “The Cat” and her pet magpie “Gimpy”. Her true story about Liebling’s life, written from the dog’s viewpoint, is illustrated with photos and colour sketches and is one of the Queensland Library’s “Books from Our Back Yard” for 2013. Jenny has also published the Liebling colouring-in book with drawings from Liebling’s adventures. All Liebling products are available at

Liebling: People will say that I was no ordinary German Shorthaired Pointer. Although born of pedigreed parents, I was not considered good enough for competition. But that didn’t stop me from leading an adventurous life with my human mother, Jenny. I became a part of Jenny’s tennis and business life, and acquainted myself with the neighbours and the gas workers. When I became a mother, oh the dramas! I did have a tendency to wander and my daughter assisted by digging the escape hole, while my sooky son refused to leave and would howl the alarm. We moved to a quaint little village where I fell in love with the family down the road, attended parties in the village and raised a Persian Chinchilla (cat, for the uninitiated). Moving to the Gold Coast meant more trouble. I frequented the casino and the local shopping complex and was kidnapped. I spent my retirement in sunny Manly snatching ice creams from unsuspecting small children at the local fair and seizing sausages meant for family barbecues. This is my life and a true Australian story.