The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love

Author – Pea Horsley

Pea Horsley book cover

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He was just a pet,’ people sometimes say, and yet our animal companions are so much more to us than this, and we may feel we have nowhere to turn when faced with their loss. Millions of people have sought answers to questions like ‘What happens to animals when they die?’ ‘What is life like for them on the other side?’ and ‘Will they ever come back to me?’

Now, for the first time, internationally renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley shares ground-breaking true stories which reveal animals’ thoughts and feelings on life, death and life after death. By hearing their views, we come to understand that animals are spiritual beings and great teachers, and that we are all connected. This collection of inspirational tales is woven together with Pea’s moving story of her own dog, Morgan, and his physical struggle, his awareness of the right time to go and his insights and support from beyond the grave.


Pea’s role is communication, facilitating, and guidance. She also mentors those wishing to deepen their connection with animals and overcome any resistence holding them back from realising their full potential. Pea has been practising for 8 years and provides animal communication workshops, consultations and mentoring to those who wish to develop their own ability. Pea has a solid reputation and client testimonials reflect her strong standing as a leader in her field.

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