Somebody’s Doodle

Authors Nikki and Richard Attree

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When petty criminals ‘Flash Harry’ Smith and Jack (‘The Lad’) Jones start nicking dogs they soon realise that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Their victim, Elizabeth Parker-Smyth, is a high flying movie producer with a Grand Design of a house in Hampstead, and a designer dog to match. Their nemesis is a quirky, big-hearted pet detective, who tracks the dognappers through cyberspace and finds herself fatally embroiled in their downward spiral.

Then there are the two pairs of Star Crossed Lovers. One couple may be human and the other canine, but they share similar memories of a whirlwind romance: “We will always have Stoke Newington.”

Somebody’s Doodle is a fast moving, heady mix of crime, humour, romance, and a few dogs. As it races towards the climax the human protagonists search for truth and reconciliation, and begin to glimpse what we can all learn from our canine friends.


“Delightful and unique dog crime drama-comedy”

“I loved this book as much as I loved the authors’ first book, Nobody’s Poodle. Somebody’s Doodle features Gizmo from Nobody’s Poodle along with a whole new cast of characters, human and animal”

“A real rollercoaster of a story, with a cast of characters knitted together in a plot that has a surprise around every corner.” Peter Selie


NIKKI ATTREE  Worked as a freelance photographer and digital artist ( in the UK.  Since moving to Tenerife in 2007, she has been helping to promote the hardworking animal rescue centres there by producing calendars and educational poster campaigns. Her website: is dedicated to finding homes for the island’s abandoned dogs, as well as being a mine of information and an insight into the canine world.

RICHARD ATTREE  Grew up in London in the 60′s and left home as soon as he could to study a variety of useless subjects (philosophy), and play keyboards in various unsuccessful bands. He worked as a composer of music for TV, at the BBC’s renowned Radiophonic Workshop before going freelance with his own studio near Brighton. Tiring of the stresses of freelance life he decided to retire, sell up, and “downshift” to a sunny, windy beach on The Reef (Tenerife). Despite working for most of his life as a musician, Richard has always hankered after the straightforward, direct communication of language.

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