Molly and the Doggy Dentist

Author Ed Payne

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Molly and the Doggy Dentist – The Daily Rounds of a Hound 3 is a tale about crooked teeth, inner beauty and accepting yourself.
In Molly and the Doggy Dentist, Molly needs a makeover. At least she thinks she does. Her unsightly teeth go this way and that. Molly’s underbite isn’t very becoming for a young mom of nine frisky pups. She dreams of a sparkly Hollywood smile, of being a hound about town. Are braces the answer. Or does beauty come from within?

Author Ed Payne – is a veteran journalist with 30 years in the business, the last two decades at CNN. His stories appear on and you’ll often hear his voice on TV reports for the network and on hundreds of affiliates across the United States.

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