Misadventures of Princess Sydney

Author Chris Minich

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Just another day at the office? Not quite for Princess Sydney. Our heroine spends the day charming her parents for treats and side stepping her annoying brother every chance she gets, all the while protecting the mean streets of Snoqualmie from her perch on high. Sydney is about to discover a new world full of friends, challenges, danger and the importance of family. Will she make it home in time for dinner? Does she realize she’s actually a dog? Inquiring minds want to know. One thing is for sure, she is indeed a Princess and proud of it. Whether you’re a princess or not, it’s hard on the mean streets for a poo, cockapoo that is.


“I love it when a book surprises you. And that is just exactly what Misadventures of Princess Sydney did. And not in a good way. A GREAT way. As it is a children’s book, I wasn’t expecting to be so deeply affected by the story of Sydney and her brother Buddy. But I was. In fact, I had a warm smile in my heart and a few tears in my eyes upon reaching the end.” Amazon review

“No matter your age if you have a special “princess” in the household you should give this a read. Very entertaining view of life from a 4-pawed perspective. And yes, just try to keep the smile off your face.” Amazon review


Chris Minich is a writer living in Snoqualmie Washington. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their two precocious dogs, Sydney and Buddy. Chris is also a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan.

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