Molly and the Bully – The Daily Rounds Of A Hound 2

Ed Payne


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Molly and the Bully — The Daily Rounds of a Hound 2 by Ed Payne and illustrated by Britt Sekulic is the continuing tale of Molly Malone, the lovable shelter dog who in the first story surprised her new family with a litter of nine pups. In Molly and the Bully, we follow her little hounds into the sometimes dog-eat-dog world of their neighborhood, where everyone doesn’t always play fair. This is a story about bullying, stereotyping and the power of love.

Reviews – Amazon 5 starsA fun, engaging story! Charming children’s book! I bought The Daily Rounds of a Hound for my niece last year and she loved it. I’m sure she’s going to love Molly and the Bully just as much. It’s a sweet story and I adore the artwork by Britt Sekulic. I hope there’s a third book in the series.

Author Ed Payne – is a veteran journalist with 30 years in the business, the last two decades at CNN. His stories appear on and you’ll often hear his voice on TV reports for the network and on hundreds of affiliates across the United States.

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