Pets in a Pickle

Author Malcolm D. Welshman


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When Paul Mitchell arrives for his first day’s work at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital, he never expects this…Oh his very first day, he is bitten by a feisty hamster…but this is a mere prelude to a cavalcade of hilarious – and often painful – encounters with fish, flesh and fowl. From stalking a feral cat to rescuing a cow stuck in a gravel pit, life is never short of animal adventures for the newly qualified vet. On top of treating all manner of creatures at the practice, Paul and his girlfriend Lucy, also nurse a host of waifs and strays back to health at their home. Besides six budgerigars, two love birds, a hoard of guinea pigs and three tabby cats, their menagerie includes Gertie the Goose, whose talent for house security saves her from the Christmas Day table, and Nelson, their lovable – and stone deaf – Jack Russell.


‘…it’s fun and should bring a smile to your face.’ – Sir Terry Wogan ‘If you enjoyed James Herriot you will enjoy Malcolm Welshman’s rollicking story of eccentric animals and even more eccentric humans.’ – Celia Haddon, Daily Telegraph

Amazon Review 5 stars – Hilarious. by M.Green
“I sat down to dip into this book and ended up reading it all – very page turning. I didn’t eat breakfast or go out until it was time for tea. There are so many interesting and funny incidents that happen to Paul Mitchell based on actual events which befell the author. It is no wonder then to find that James Herriot’s son wrote the foreword to this deserving book. However, I would like to know a bit more about the main characters. All the action is fun but the personal relationships, especially between Paul and his girlfriend Lucy, didn’t have quite enough space and I would have liked a bit more expansion there. Maybe this will happen in the sequel as, based on this entertaining read, I’m sure there will be one.”


Malcolm is a retired vet who had a novel called ‘Pets in Prospect’ published in 2006. ‘Pets in a Pickle’, published in May 2011, is a new edition of the same book. In it, there are quotes by Sir Terry Wogan and Richard Madeley. James Herriot’s son wrote a foreword in which he kindly compared Malcolm  as being similar to his father.

In September 2011, the ebook reached number 2 in Kindle’s bestseller list where it stayed for two weeks.

The sequel, titled ‘Pets on Parade’, continuing the exploits of the young vet, Paul Mitchell, was published 2nd April 2012.

At the end of August 2012, Barnes & Noble in the US chose Pets in a Pickle as its Free Friday selection from their Nook books. As a result the ebook got 68,000 hits and 450 reviews, over half of which were 5*.

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