Loyalty Unleashed

Author – Sue Torres

 sue torres loyalty unleashed

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A beautiful collection of stories and photographs that create an optimistic and uplifting celebration of pit bulls, perhaps the world’s most misunderstood and negatively portrayed dogs.

This heartfelt look at these amazing dogs takes the reader beyond the stereotypes. Read stories of courage, hope and triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds as told by the people who know these dogs best – their owners, rescuers and shelter volunteers.

A portion of proceeds from book sales will be donated to organizations that promote pit bull rescue, adoption and education.


Wonderful book!By Christiane BiagiPublished on Amazon.com

In first person accounts by dozens of individuals who found themselves falling in love with a dog who folks shun, Sue has reminded everyone why Pit Bulls were originally the US’ “nanny dogs”. Their loyalty and desire to please their human comes out in each and every story. Easy reading, sometimes sad but always showing the joy that all these dogs have brought their people; recommended reading for anyone whose only experience with Pit Bulls are the horrible news stories that all too often the media flashes by in 30 second sound clips. Thank you for all of this Sue!

Great stories!Published on Amazon.com

Thanks so much Sue, for presenting this misunderstood breed as the awesome dogs they really are! The media has too many people convinced pits are monsters, when in reality they are people pleasing, loyal dogs who do what they are taught. Great stories presented from the point of view of the owners!

Sue Torres is an animal advocate, rescue volunteer and proud owner of a previously abused pit bull who was slated to be destroyed for being tense and fearful in the shelter environment. Once adopted and in a home, instead of an aggressive dog, what she discovered was an extremely frightened animal who came into his own when he was shown love and kindness. With some nurturing and training, he developed into the most loving dog she had ever owned.Her experience moved her to champion pit bulls and attempt to dispel the negative connotations associated with the breed. Inspired by their resilience, devotion and ability to forgive, she now devotes herself to restoring the image of these once-esteemed and cherished family pets.

She works tirelessly to promote the adoption of pit bulls in our nation’s shelters and change perceptions about this extremely misunderstood and unjustly maligned breed. She lives in Connecticut with her rescued pit bull, Mickey and two other part-time step-dogs, a rescued Plott Hound and another rescued pit bull. Loyalty Unleashed is her first book.

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