Dear Aunt Peggy, Emails from Petey Pup

Author Pat Haddock

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In this first novel, our late dog, Petey Pup, describes his trials and triumphs in emails to his Aunt Peggy. Petey, terrified of thunderstorms, often found adventure when a storm rumbled into his world. His escapades sometimes proved humorous, and sometimes he saw everyday activities filled with poignancy. Our lives became vibrant when viewed through this little dog’s eyes.

Pat Haddock lives with her husband and their Yorkie-Poo in a rural community north of Dallas, Texas. Coming from a long line of Texans, it reflects in her quirky, sometimes downright cantankerous characters. She has published several short stories, but this is her first completed book, with three more underway. She is a member of the Writers Guild of Texas and two critique groups. An active member of a local chapter of The Red Hat Society, she enjoys the excursion du jour with those fun-loving women. She is actively involved with family, fishing, camping, traveling, and gardening. She enjoys knitting, crochet and crafting. An amateur genealogist, she has more than thirty years of researching her family origins.

Pat was a featured writer in the Dallas Writer’s Journal.

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Book Reviews

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars Having great fun with Petey Pup   By Ivis Bo Davis    There are rare occasions when a book comes out that is so sincerely innocent that its humor is a delightful and timeless treasure. ‘Dear Aunt Peggy – Emails from Petey Pup’ is such a gem.                                                                              If you love dogs, you’ll love this read. If you love humor, you’ll love it even more. Highly recommended.

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars.. So Sweet
By andi
I read this book three times. Each time I laughed in parts and felt their hurt in others. It is a cute way to portray a pet and the crazy antics they get into. Reading this reminded me of previous pets and the dumb stuff they could get into. I enjoyed it, especially when Petey Pup tries explaining things. Especially the way Petey Pup never seems to forget the vet taking his humper-nuts. It is intertwined through out the book and is so funny. Gina’s problems with the vet. Bart’s seeming to be a little slow and laid back, I really loved this book.