Once Upon a Rose Princess -: A Story about Jasmine and her Fur Friends

Author Dr. Debbie Mamone D.O

fur friends

Available to purchase at Createspace and Amazon

Written by a pediatrician. Storyline involves teaching a young princess who gets taught important life lessons about character, morality, and equality from her dog and her dog’s friends from all over the world.

Debbie Mamone is a pediatrician in Central Florida who likes to teach children important values through her writing and self-made illustrations. The book represents real friends she has made through social media and depicts her love for animals. It was inspired by a friend’s newborn who faced difficult medical challenges in the first few months of life. All proceeds of this book will go to Dr. Mamone’s favorite children’s charity ‘Canine For Disabled Kids’.

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Book Reviews

Amazon 5 out of 5 starsA sweet and lovely tale with a good message. By Dizzaloo

This is a charming little book with a good message at it’s heart….I loved it! Jasmine and her fur friends are sure to make everyone smile and it’s lovely to think that a chain of friendship has been made right around the world.

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Childrens Book!! By lucy scrivens
I bought this book mainly for my nephews but read the book out of interest – I found it a very well written & suitable book, ideal for the young reader and parents for bedtime stories. I’ve now bought more copies as friends of mine who have youngsters who I’d shown the book too all now want copies for their children.
Everyone who has seen the book can relate to the animals and the values which they are trying to teach. I can see this book becoming the absolute ‘hit’ it should be and look forward to maybe another book in the future from Dr Debbie
Well done to you!!!!