Saving Susie-Belle

Author Janetta Harvey

susie belle

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Saving Susie-Belle: rescued from the horrors of a puppy farm, one dog’s uplifting true story of hope, survival and love.

In the week before Christmas, on a cosy bed beside a log burner a dog snoozes happily, her belly full of lobster. Just a few months earlier she had lain in the cold and filth of a Welsh puppy farm, her belly empty of food but full of yet another litter of puppies. The contrast could not have been greater.
For six years Susie-Belle had been trapped in a life of misery as someone’s commodity, a breeding bitch in a puppy farm, tied up in the back of a putrid shed, never seeing the outside world, receiving little or no care and experiencing neglect to a horrifying degree. For dogs like her, the end is usually a grim death, whether it’s because they fail to be a good breeder or because they have simply become too old and weary to produce and raise the puppies that are demanded of them.

A far happier ending awaited this little dog though as she was rescued, lifted out of the dark and grubby hidden nightmare that is puppy farming and brought to safety by someone who cared enough to make a difference.

This is the moving tale of what life was like for one small dog, how it changed, and why no dog should ever be allowed to suffer at the hands of humans who value commercial profits more than life itself.

This is the story of Susie-Belle and her road to recovery and a life filled with love.

About the author – Janetta Harvey lives with her husband and 3 dogs and they divide their time between England and South-West France where they enjoy walking the dogs in the peace of the French countryside. All three dogs are miniature schnauzers: Twinkle Berry and Susie-Belle are ex-puppy farm breeding dogs, kept in captivity to supply the worst end of the puppy trade. Both are now safe and secure, putting their past well and truly behind them and making up for lost time enjoying life to the full with their sister Renae.

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Amazon 5 Stars – ‘Touching, funny and a wonderful heartwarming story’

The author writes beautifully and really captures the story of the gorgeous Susie-Belle and the journey she has been on. I have never bothered to leave a review for a book before but this one was so good I knew I had to. The author strikes the perfect balance between making readers aware of the horrors of puppy farming combined with such a warm and honest story of one lucky dog’s second chance of life and the all the difficulties these beautiful dogs have in adjusting to a home life that other dogs take for granted. I particularly loved the story of Susie-Belle winning ‘Dog of Courage’ – because that is what she truly is. I have recommended to all my friends, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Amazon 5 Stars – Uplifting

This is a beautifully written, emotional but ultimately uplifting book about a sad, abused little dog’s journey to trust, love and happiness. The book educates, but never preaches, and I was left filled with admiration for all who rescue, foster and adopt these damaged little dogs, but most of all for Susie-Belle herself and her huge courage and ability to forgive.