The second Journal of Ted Terrier

Author Emma Knight

Illustrated by Sue Mynall and Mr Gejo Canovas

2nd journal of ted terrier

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Ted continues writing about his life and passions which involve explorations and philosophising on the psychology, anthropology, sociology and observations on the behaviour of his beloved creatures we human beings. Note: not suitable for age under 15

‘TED TERRIER’ was adopted by the human mother of ‘EMMA KNIGHT’ when he was a few months old in March 2000. He had immediately come out to meet her when she visited him and his siblings where they were born. She was struck by his absolute delight in greeting her and showering of doggie affection towards her. Ted adores human beings and is very in tune with their behaviour and especially their emotions. Emma feels he is the most empathic dog she has ever known. He loves humans more than those of his own species and also has a passion for chasing cats and then showing them love in his own maybe slightly rough&tough way too ;).

Emma was thrilled with her new sibling when they first met and they immediately developed a very close bond. In real life Emma is a counsellor/psychotherapist and writer. One day, when Ted was sitting next to Emma on the sofa – with his front paws resting on her lap and now and then throwing his head back to look with great interest and warmth into her eyes – Emma felt that he was communicating to her and took pen to paper and so started Ted’s handwritten journal. Later the siblings agreed to type-up, part-fictionalise, and publish, his writings into the book ‘The Journal of Ted Terrier’.

Around the same time Emma met illustrator SUE MYNALL having been gifted with one of her pieces of art ‘A Dog’s Day’. Sue read Ted’s writings and developed drawings of him and his humans to accompany them. They published ‘The Journal of Ted Terrier’ through Ted is also a dog who blogs and is also enjoying making lots of friends on facebook twitter as TedTerrierMe. Aside from writing with Emma, Ted enjoys being a totally devoted companion to his human mother ‘Jane Knight’, licking his human father ‘Peter Knight’s feet, making all human visitors feel happy with his welcoming dance and eating babybel cheese. ”

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