The Daily Rounds of a Hound

Author Ed Payne


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The Daily Rounds of a Hound is the tale of Molly Malone – an adorable mutt adopted from an animal shelter by a new family.  Once home, the family learns that Molly is carrying stowaways – a litter of nine pups.

Molly has no pedigree, but takes her job as family pet seriously. She patrols the house, protects the kids and goes on secret missions (or does she?).

The Daily Rounds of a Hound is the first children’s picture book by Ed Payne, an Emmy award- and Peabody award-winning journalist for CNN.  The book’s quirky rhyming style is inspired by the books we all grew up with.

“While Molly’s story is a very personal one for my family, ultimately, it’s the story of everyone’s dog, our love for them and how much we get in return,” according to the author.

Ed Payne is a veteran journalist with 30 years in the business, the last two decades at CNN. His stories appear on and you’ll often hear his voice on TV reports for the network and on hundreds of affiliates across the United States.  ”The Daily Rounds of a Hound” is not only his first book, but also his first children’s book, although his other journalistic endeavors have been read by millions of people around the world.

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Marietta Daily Journal newspaper

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!,
This is a wonderful children’s book! Colorful, creative and sweet all rolled into one precious dog. We gave it to our grandkids for Easter and it was a big hit in our family. Great job, Mr. Payne! Hope that Molly has more adventures for you to write about……

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars – Lovely book for kids of all ages!  – by CNorman

The Daily Rounds of a Hound is a delightful book that is beautifully illustrated. We had a great time reading about Molly’s adventures and looking at the colorful illustrations. I wish this book had been around when my sons were younger but they still enjoyed it immensely, especially since we were one of the lucky families who adopted one of Molly’s stowaways! This will be my new “go to” gift for my friends who have little ones. Buy it, read it, love it!