The Little Blue Dog

Author Karen J. Roberts


2013 National Indie Excellence Award Winner

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Based on the real life story of Karen’s adopted dog Louie, The Little Blue Dog is the first book in the series. Fall in love with Louie as he shows courage and hope for a second chance as a shelter dog.

Karen Roberts

Author Karen J. Roberts uses her experiences as a pet owner, an animal rights advocate and a volunteer in the rescue community for inspiration. Her children’s books promote responsible pet ownership and compassion for animals with elements of kindness and friendship. The Little Blue Dogma, Karen’s first venture into non-fiction, was inspired by countless experiences with animal rescue groups struggling to help the over abundance of dogs in need.

Karen lives in Wellington, Florida, sharing her peaceful life with her 5 dogs, and 1 cat. She has her BA degree in English from Syracuse University.

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Book review

As a retired elementary school teacher and a current partner in an animal rescue group in Southern California, I found this book to be wonderfully touching for young children. It was not written to frighten children with the true-life horrors of shelter lives of abandoned dogs, which would have been inappropriate for the very young. Instead, it focuses on the joy that this little dog found at the end of a sad and frightening experience for him. It shows that adopting a shelter dog and being a responsible, loving family for that dog is a wonderful thing to do. It also emphasizes the fact that dogs are members of our families and have feelings and needs and must be treated with the love and respect given to other members of the family. It is a wonderful message to impart to our children and was presented in a gentle and loving way.

This book is amazing. It manages the near impossible; entertaining kids while delivering the important message that animals are people, too! My 4 year old daughter has developed deep understanding and compassion from reading Louie’s books. She now comprehends the importance of taking care of and loving animals as we do each other. I am confident that my daughter will always choose to “adopt, not shop” when we add furry family members to our household. Kudos!