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Canine Classics Volume 1



“Canine Classics, Volume 1” is a collection of Dottie’s favorite songs along with pictures of her friends.

To listen to more pawesome tracks from this CD – go to Dottie’s website

BIOGRAPHY – My name is Dottie. I’m a proud, first generation American Bulldog. With nothing more than a bone and a dream, and a dream of a bone, my parents came to this new world from the land of Caninica.  Caninica was once a proud land where dogs ruled the earth. Then came the cats and the Seven Hundred Year War. Darkness followed. And then came the Great Kibble Famine.  More darkness followed. And then my parents had to leave.

Their journey was long and hard. They got thirsty.  And then they came to America. They came because they wanted a better life for me. I’m a lucky dog. Oh, yeah. Only in America can a dog’s dreams come true. I love music. My dream has always been to make music.

ABOUT THE ALBUM – Caninica Records is proud to announce Canine Classics Volume 1! This 28 page, full color casebound book and CD, contains 11 time tested hit songs with new, humorous doggie lyrics. “SPCA” (to the tune of “YMCA”), “Walk Like A Dalmatian,” “Labradoodle Dandy,” plus 8 more, are sure to get your tail wagging!The music was produced by noted San Francisco band leader Dick Bright along with Tommy Dunbar of power pop legends The Rubinoos. They recruited some of the Bay Area’s top vocal talent to create a sound that will make it a favorite of dog lovers everywhere! Three time Grammy® Award winning Art Director Hugh Brown has created a unique package that includes an “album cover” photo for each song. Put these photogenic pooch pictures alongside the lyrics and you’ve got a grrrrrr-eat Book/CD combo!