Excerpts from Gizmo’s book


CHAPTER 5 – Friends Re-united

The next morning the nice people at the refuge gave me some breakfast. Wooftastic ! What a treat after having to ferret around for food on the streets. It almost made up for the lack of sleep. Then one of the volunteers took me for a walk. Aha, now things were really looking up … that’s until I got back to the cage to find yet another woofer had appeared. So now there were four of us in there, and it was getting a little bit cramped. “Not much chance of moving pad and getting some kip now, they must be full” I thought. Oh well, sigh … not wanting to start off on the wrong paw with the new arrival, I greeted him with a welcoming sniff.

The new mutt was Elvis – some sort of a Terrier / Spaniel mix. He seemed friendly enough, until he started making this weird noise. It sounded a bit like a pig trying to sing karaoke while being strangled. I thought: “hang on mate, I know it’s quite a privilege to meet a pooch of my calibre, but calm down please !”. Unfortunately there was no stopping him. The strangled-pig karaoke squealing continued on-and-off for the rest of that day and night.

So there I was, stuck in a cage with a woofer who thought he was a rubber ball and bored the fur off me with his cat chasing stories; a mutt who snored louder than a Boeing 707; and now, a pooch who thought he was auditioning for the doggie version of X Factor … Woof-Bloody-Tastic !……

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