Our aim is to get together a select group of authors online to pool their resources, collaborate on promoting their books, and so reach a wider readership and tap into the huge potential market of dog-lovers worldwide.

The idea is to be more like a club than a book shop (although obviously our ultimate aim is to reach as many potential readers as possible). We want our authors to share their news – whether it is their work with an animal charity, an educational project, winning an award, or a prestigious review of their latest book.

All we ask is that they mention WooftasticBooks whenever and to whoever they can, and help us to spread the word.

Membership is free .

If you are interested then all we require is your permission to use material from your own website (biog, blurb, cover image etc … we will contact you if we need anything else not on your site), and your agreement to the following terms / conditions:

• Authors agree to put a link to on their websites and blogs, and to mention the website on their Facebook pages, Twitter posts, forums etc (eg by adding a link to their on-line signatures etc).
• Authors agree to the principle of pooling resources to promote ethical dog books, and will help to spread the word via their own networks.
• All material is dog-friendly (Gizmo’s* decision is final, and he’s into quality rather than quantity !).

That’s it. All we need is a quick e-mail (fill out contact form) to say that you’re interested, and link(s) to the marketing material for your book(s).

* By the way, in case you’re wondering: “who is this Gizmo ?” … he’s the intrepid hero of Nobody’s Poodle,  something of a canine philosopher, and very much his own dog. He is the spokesmutt for TenerifeDogs and has his own facebook page.

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